Posted by: Sabrina | June 30, 2009

Fabulous Nia

I could become seriously evangelistic about my new passion—Nia!  After reading about Nia on Dianne Sylvan’s blog, Dancing Down the Moon, I had to find out more about it, so I Googled it and found a studio basically right in my backyard.

The instructors are fabulous—warm and welcoming no matter what one’s size, shape, age, or ability level is—and the time I spend in class is absolutely the most well-spent time of my day and week because Nia addresses not just physical fitness, but wellness on every level—physical, emotional, and spiritual.  Although the physical aspect of a Nia class can be quite energetic, I never feel drained at the end of it because there is equal emphasis on giving and receiving energy.  Yin and yang, chi, and the chakras are frequently referenced to guide our movements, and I always come away sweaty but quite exhilarated, having danced my heart out for an hour. 

Life is good . . .


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