Posted by: Sabrina | January 21, 2009

Today I Cried

Today is the start of something new. 

Today, an African-American (and a post-baby boomer to boot!) took the U.S. Presidential Oath of Office, and now, for the first time in a very long time, I feel we have the chance to make changes that will count for something.

Now our president is a person who seeks out diversity of opinion and then makes well-reasoned decisions.

Now our president is a person who is one of the best and the brightest America has to offer. 

He will work to create partnerships, not adversarial relationships, with the leaders of other nations. 

He will embrace the opportunity he has to break political and economic logjams and get this country back on its feet.

He is living proof that differences of race and culture present no insurmountable barriers to understanding and good will. 

He is living proof that hard work and faith in oneself can make amazing things-things I wondered if I would ever live to see–happen. 

Today, after eight years of small-minded, unimaginative, me-first, no-you-can’t game playing, I have a president I can believe in. 

And today, I cried for joy.



  1. I cried on that day also. never in my lifetime did I think an African-American would be US president.

    • James-
      Yes, I think we can all hold our heads a little higher now!

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