Posted by: Sabrina | September 22, 2008

Mabon Reflection

My first Mabon on the Pagan path and I find myself dealing with some losses. . .


There are the natural losses (fewer dry days, less warmth, and fewer hours of sunlight) that bring rest and refreshment to Mother Earth. . .


I have also lost a connection to one of my first contacts on my path as a Pagan—she sent an email last week indicating that she was unable to continue moderating the Pagan internet group I joined in my very first days on this path.  As much of a loss as this is to me as a solitary, closeted Pagan, I am concerned for her, too.  There was no wind-down—just the sudden message, the brevity of which did not allow for any sort of explanation, so I can only hope all is well with her. . .


And then there was the news I received earlier this week that a friend had passed away.  He wasn’t actually a close friend in the sense that we didn’t socialize in our free time; he and his wife have run a small business in our neighborhood for the past twenty years, and my husband and I got to know the two of them as we became regular customers of theirs, enjoying the products they lovingly produce and sell.  He hadn’t been well for the past several years, but his decline over the past few months was precipitous.  Still, when the news of his death came, it was jarring. . .


Most weekends lately, I am spending some time acquainting my husband with an aspect of Paganism as I am coming to understand and practice it.  Today, the topic was the Wheel of the Year—entirely appropriate given the proximity to the autumnal equinox.  As I talked my way through the eight observances with him, I found it calming to think about the losses I am experiencing as all being parts of cycles.  Soon, we shall be harvesting the rest of our garden bounty and then giving the soil the rest it needs to produce for us again next year.  The disappearance of the Pagan group I belonged to creates a need and provides me with an opportunity for spiritual guidance and information from others I might not have otherwise been inclined to seek out.  And although the death of a friend is definitely an ending, the memorial we attended to day was a grand celebration of a life well-lived and evidence that he will live on in the lives and memories of his family and friends.



  1. My dear, Peaceful Equinox to you, and I’m sorry to hear about the losses in your life.

    This is often a time for change, loss, alteration of direction. I’m so glad you can speak to your husband aobut the aspects of the year and your pagan path, this must be a great comfort and it will be interesting for him too! You have a great blessing there; many partners are not interested in their witchy love’s ways… some are actively antagonistic. Happy Mabon xxx

  2. I’m sorry to hear about the loss of your moderator. Practically the same thing happened in my Druid Grove. The founder just stopped coming and we haven’t heard from him in two years. But we were already on our way. You might want to open a Facebook and join some groups through there. Maybe all of us bloggers can do a virtual Samhain through IM or something (I’m computer semi-literate, but willing to learn).

  3. Green Witch–
    I do realize how fortunate I am that my husband not only accepts, but actually seems quite interested in where I am headed spiritually. He has been a “nature lover” for years and he loves ritual, so when we talk about what I’m learning, he’s quite fascinated by it all. I don’t think he’s interested in adopting Paganism himself, and frankly at this point, I am much more interested in engaging in ritual with women rather than men (the recent descriptions in both yours and Seshat’s blogs of your Mabon ritual have me figuratively licking my chops!!!) so it all works well that he accepts and supports my spirituality without any push to horn in on it.

    Thanks for suggesting Facebook. I wasn’t aware that Pagan groups existed there. In fact, I am pretty well in the dark concerning Facebook other than what my twenty-something son has told me about it. Of course his take on it was that it was better the way it was when he was a college student and it was limited only to college students–nowadays, he rolls his eyes and bemoans the fact that “they’ve sold out and are letting anyone in.” (The young snob!) Won’t he be surprised to find his mom there one of these days!

  4. Please keep in your prayers the hope that Sarah Palin will not be given power in our nation. Please encourage fellow bloggers to do the same.

  5. Thank you for posting on my blog, it was really great to see you popping over. I’d love to read and post on yours, but I have a visual impairment, and reading white text on a black background is really difficult for me. I’ve actually pasted this message in as I can’t work with white on black. Please don’t think me rude by mentioning this, it’s not my intention at all, I just wanted you to know why I’m not posting on your blog – it’s simply that I can’t read it!

  6. Andy,
    Thank you for letting me know that reading my blog with the old theme was difficult for you. As you will see with my most recent post, “New Look, Same Old Me,” I was having a lot of difficulty with it myself. I really appreciate your willingness to give me honest input about this–it was just the impetus I needed to change to something that I hope will be easier on the eyes.

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